27 March 2012

One Small Step

Back in October I took a ‘Look Good Feel Good’ class at Mount Sinai Hotel & Spa. Two pieces of advise stood out. 

Firstly, if you’re wearing a cheap wig, don’t stick your head in the oven. Secondly, be persistent with mascara. Even without eyelashes, there may be some tiny baby hairs to which the mascara could stick.

So I’ve kept it up, and have worn mascara all winter. Usually it ends up smudged on my eyelid, with more little bits on my face, making me look as though I’d just rolled out of bed with a hangover. But I liked putting it on 'cus it made me feel like a girl.

Well this morning I brandished the magic wand, and lo and behold. I have an eyelash, and the mascara stuck to it!

One small step for a lady, one giant step for an egghead!

1 comment:

  1. I remember that same moment SO well - congratulations....next time I see you, we will have to 'butterfly kiss' xo