10 May 2012

Dressed for Success

Today I stole my hospital gown.

Radiation, anyone?
Every day when I go in to be sizzled, the nurse hands me a clean gown to wear for my treatment.  All the gowns are one-size-fits-all, so the armholes are often bigger than my head. And they’re not belted, so that mean crossing your arms to maintain a sense of modesty. 

Unfortunately, Princess Margaret First Class Lounge has no lockers in which to leave our clothes, so they must be bundled and carried into the treatment room. As this leaves no arms left to secure my gown, the whole thing is rather sloppy.

But today I was handed a gown with a pleasing blue and white stripe. I put it on, and it wasn’t made for giants. To my delight, it wrapped snugly around my waist and tied securely in place. Normally the gowns look like giant blue potato sacks with a little gray head poking out, but not today.  I looked in the puny changing room mirror and saw that the V-neck that was quite sophisticated.  Flattering, even. In fact, it is the Diane Von Furstenberg of hospital gowns.

With this garment – which accentuated my waist – my arms were free to hold my clothes over my arm, rather than clutching them tightly to my chest. I felt more secure, more controlled, and definitely more chic.

And as every fashionable French girl knows, it’s better to have one fabulous dress than a dozen mediocre ones. So I popped it in my bag and plan to wear it for the rest of my treatments. I may have man-hair, and droopy eyelids, but that’s no excuse to dress like a potato.

A girl must keep her looks up, and a good wrap dress is always in style.

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  1. I too stole a hospital night gown....but it was to bring my Jack home in when he was 2 days old and he had pooped his coming home outfit....I should have known then - I was in for it.