17 May 2012

Greta Garb Uh-Oh

I look like a movie star.

Me Greta
This is not glamorous. Due to the need to cover up my skin, I look like an old reclusive movie legend who is trying to disguise her looks from the public. The look I am rocking is that of Greta Garbo,  long after she had lost her sense of style and became a fashion disaster.

On my second last day of radiation, my technician told me that I had to keep my neck and chest away from the sun. Forever. She said that super strong suntan lotion would be helpful, but what I should really wear is a scarf.

And the hat…well, I still have lesbian hair. And as I’ve said many a time, I love lesbians, but I'm not crazy about the manly hair. And even though my cap has a visor to keep out the sun, I still wear giant round sunglasses, cus my friend Rosalie told me that I looked cool.

This look has been great in the spring, but now that it’s summer I look a like a mummy. And this weekend I intend to sit on a dock with some of my favorite friends and drink beer from Mexico.

And I'm pretty sure there's a hat for that.

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