31 October 2011

Meltdown Monday

I have a close friend (kind, generous, very funny) who works hard to make her life happy.  Some of that work includes therapy, which is great for me, since she does all the grueling analysis, pays all lot of money, then passes her knowledge my way. She’s sort of like my personal ‘self-help’ shopper. And she usually offers exactly what I need.

One of my favorite pieces of advice comes from this lovely girl, and here it is.
“Just because you’re having a meltdown doesn’t mean you're not coping”.

Now I’m not saying today’s going to be a bad day. But it is Monday, the days are getting shorter, and soon the streets will be filled with kids dressed like sleazy housewives, and aliens. The 19 lb cat has to go to the vet because he’s licking himself bald, and I packed away all my summer sandals. Sadly, I need to run a bunch of errands, even though I’d be happier under a duvet. There's not enough hand sanitzer in the world to make me feel protected,  and by the time I’ll get to Loblaws, there's a chance they’ll have run out of candy.

So I’m carrying this pearl of wisdom in my back pocket,  just in case. Because according to my friend, it doesn't matter that I may need to shove aside a few strollers filled with germy dinosaurs. As long as I get out of the Bulk Barn without really hurting anyone, I'm still coping. In my own delightful way.

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