6 October 2011

Jim Does Not Fit in my Handbag. October 6

I no longer travel lightly. Round two of chemo so I had to cram my bag for my day at the hospital. Here’s what I took today
• Pink filefolder, jam packed with drug info, a giant appointment book, receipts. • Ipad with Sex and the City, cus I need Samantha Jones (though not so keen on Carrie) • Orange juice, water, & coconut juice cus it’s super duper for rehydrating • Sunglasses.( For style, and light sensitivity) • Paperback • Journal (Just because)  • Anti nausea pills (Just in case it is all about  Carrie) • Secret make-up bag • Wallet • Lip gloss • (Burts Bees. Highly recommended, by me) • Sea salt. (To repel bad energy, Seriously) • Hat • Phone
• Jim. (Does not fit in bag. Walked alongside)

The day went well though. And by 'well' I mean that the nurse asked if  I still had my my own hair. I smiled coyly. "Why no! It's a wig."

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