5 October 2011

Om! October 5.

My Toes
Feeling feisty this morning so I thought I’d go to a yoga class.  Slapped on the wig, and did a few experimental forward bends at home. It flopped around a bit, but stayed on fairly well. For extra security I put on a little beanie. The guy at the wig shop (Wig Guy) said that beanie’s are de rigueur for bald people.  Unfortunately, today was warm and sunny, and the yoga studio had the heat cranked up to one thousand degrees. I noticed a few woman sweating and gulping their water, and I worried that I might be in danger of over –heating from my excessive headgear, and pass out mid downward dog, sans cheveux,  with my wig landing at the end of my mat. But I made it through intact. 

Another tiny hurdle. Om!

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