20 April 2013

Caller Unkown

I have just returned from four blissful days in the sun.

Finally having a surgery date, I felt like I could make plans to do something fun. So I got in touch with a favorite friend, who immediately planned a girly getaway to Southern Florida. She promised that amongst the seniors, we’d feel young, slim, and fit, and that I wouldn’t be the only one with boobs around my waist. She promised sun (lots), great food (miso sea bass, crab claws, lobster ravioli), and dolphins. Best of all was the company, which was excellent.

While I was relaxing, I kept my cell phone close by. Dr Escargot had said he wanted to move up the surgery date, and knew that the call could come any time. Every time I’d hear a phone ring, I jumped out of my skin. Even by the pool, I checked incessantly for messages. But – nothing.

So I swam, and biked, and ate, and felt nearly normal.

Landing in Toronto at midnight I checked my phone again. I guess I hadn’t programmed it properly for travel, because several messages came in. I looked at my call display. A few familiar numbers, and then the number I’ve grown to dread; ‘Caller Unknown’.

My stomach dropped.

There was no question in my mind that it was the hospital, but with sand still in my shoes, I was reluctant to be jolted out of my happy place. With a surgery date  I had finally made a plan. I took a trip, and I had my next contract all lined up. And I knew that if I once I checked the message, everything would change.

I put off listening to my messages until 6 am the next day, at which time I listened to the Unknown Caller.  ‘This is Dr H’s office’, they said. ‘We’ve moved you up to June 13. Have a great day!’

Have to change my work schedule.
Will be in the hospital for Jim’s birthday
But most importantly,  no fireworks for me.