20 October 2014

Perky in More Ways Than One

In anticipation of my recovery from nipple reconstruction, I cleared my whole week. But after three excellent Sandra Bullock movie, and a bunch of naps, I was feeling pretty good. In fact I was starting to feel downright perky. So on day two, I got up, had coffee, and prepared to take a shower.

I’d been told that I was free to take off the breast bandages, and allow for a gentle cleansing. So I peeled them off and stepped into the shower. In typical fashion, I avoided looking at my newly remodelled body parts of, concentrating instead on the shower head. But exiting the shower I made the mistake of looking down.  Holy Moly! I wasn’t the only thing that was perky! My nipples were enormous!

Dr H had warned me that they’d start off quite large, and then get smaller over time. But since I hadn’t really listened, I was shocked to see that my nipples looked like someone had taken a cocktail sausage, cut it into pieces, and sewed them on to my chest. They were nothing like the cute little nipples I’d lost to cancer. These were tubular, flat, gigantic, and fleshy. And, horrifyingly they were attached to me! It was disgusting!

I forced to look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes I still hoped to see my perfect 17 yr old body staring back at me but this body was far from perfect. My new headlights were turned on full blast, but rather than stare straight ahead, they stared off in opposite directions like a goldfish.

Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the black Sharpie doodles when I had a chance. Or, perhaps my little cocktail wieners had been created in haste. Who knows? Perhaps, over time, my original boobs would even have been this imperfect

Though I was shocked, I wasn’t discouraged.  Amidst my revulsion, I felt a twinge of something resembling delight. I may not have been able to look at them, and they may be too porny for my liking, but I'll take Perky over Barbie any day.