5 January 2014

The Road to Hell....

By 1 pm on New Years Day I had broken almost all my New Years resolutions.

Even the things that I hadn’t officially resolved to do – but should do on a regular basis – I hadn’t done. I hadn’t started my day with a glass of water, I hadn’t done my lymphedema exercises, hadn’t put dog boots on Jed, had forgotten to take my Tamoxifen, and I had Maple Whiskey with breakfast.

In my defense, the Whiskey was splashed into my coffee by my spectacular hostess at brunch and was considered medicinal due to the weather. And, once I’d had that little pick-me-up, it would have been rude to turn down the pink champagne for the New Years Day toast.

One of my resolutions is to set new goals and follow through with them. I’ve I had an excellent excuse for the last few years to stay still, but 2014 is different. This year we’re just down to nipples and liposuction. How long can that possibly take?

So when my yoga studio offered an evening with a Life Coach, I signed on. Her talk was about setting goals & setting intentions, and it seemed like the perfect way to start the year. But by the time Friday night rolled around, I was thinking of ways to get out of it. Firstly it was freezing and I didn’t feel like going out. Secondly, I really hate group activities, especially those involving shared feelings or vegetarian food. This would include both.

And thirdly, my friend, who had planned on coming with me, cancelled at the last minute. So I figured it would be pretty easy to unset my goals to go to my ‘setting goals’ seminar. I could also reset my intention, thereby creating a new intention to spend a cozy evening on the couch.

But I got up and put on my coat.  How, so early in the year, could I avoid an evening where the only requirement was to show up?  So I went.  And I pretended to enjoy the hummus (yuck) and I shared a little about myself. And I learned a little about fear, and regret, and what holds us back.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. (Personally I think it’s paved with hummus – but that’s just me). If indeed it is paved with intentions I’ve paved many a road. But luckily I've broken all my resolutions so the pressure is off. This year I'm going to concentrate on goals, cus I aints paving no more roads in 2014.

At least not this week.