14 January 2014

Green Goddess

There are people in my life who know what's best for me. And because I trust them, I will blindly obey them no matter what they tell me to do.

My sister Sue is one of those people. Whenever she says to 'eat this',  'wear this’, or ‘shave that’, I will do what she says without question.  I know that it will good for me, and if it is not good for me - at least it will be fun.

Clay Mask
Green Goo
Such was the case when she handed me a mason jar full of green goo and told me to go home and put it all over my face. 'Okay,' I said, then as an afterthought, 'What is it?'  

She explianed that it was her homemade mud-pack, and it was chock full of minerals and essential oils. Also, it would draw out those nasty toxins.

So on a quiet bachelorette night at home I decided to have a bath and slather my face with mud. After my face was liberally slathered, I covered my boobs with a washcloth and layback to enjoy the tub. The washcloth is something I use out of habit. I don't really enjoy looking at my body, so when I cover my breasts with a washcloth I can pretend that nothing bad has ever happened.( Sometimes I just cover the mirror instead. Seeing my strange upper body, and jagged middle, takes me away from my happy place).

After a few minutes the clay started to harden. I could practically feel the toxins being sucked out of my face! So I figured, why not suck all the toxins out from everywhere. So I grabbed my mason jar and covered my entire torso in clay.  Once the clay had hardened, I could barely move my face. I made little goldfish movements with my mouth , to make sure that my lips were still working (they were). And since that was so much fun – I wanted to see how I looked. So I stood up and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror.

Well! Wasn’t I lovely! What looked back at me was a flawless green creature with yellow eyes (green clay does that to people). I allowed myself a good long look in the mirror, and for the first time in two years, didn’t see any imperfections. There were no scars, no missing nipples, no angry belly button, no sign of anything bad at all. Just one beautiful curvy green gal.

I rinsed the clay, toweled off, and put on my robe. I avoided the mirror because I wanted to go to sleep with the vision of myself as a perfect speciman,   A green clay lady with curves in almost all the right places. And, a flat smooth green stomach to boot.

Once again I’d blindly listened  to someone who knew what was best for me. And once again, that person was right. She knew that making me green and slimey would make me look fabulous.

And it did. 

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  1. I love you just the way you are. xo