3 May 2013


I’ve always loved Keith Richards.

No matter what drugs he’s been on he always seems to be having a great time. Mick looks like he’s just bitten a chunk out of someone’s throat and is having problems swallowing, while Keith’s just having a blast.

I wouldn’t say he’s a role model. But, recently, there’s been a little pill popping going down at my place.

I’ve never really been a drug person, so taking a daily pill is as much as I can handle. My daily fix is tamoxifen, even though I miss a few days here and there. Not for any good reason.  Just because I‘m bad at taking pills. 

Then my sister Sue gave me some Happy Pills to add to my repertoire. They’re supposed to help with my wild mood swings, so I have them front and center in the medicine cabinet, where I can take them on a ‘Need-to-stop-bitching’ basis. I rarely us them, but it makes me happy just looking at them, so I consider them highly effective. I think of them as my Keef pills.

Last week my masseuse recommended two others. One is a magical mushroom pill that is supposed to be good for my liver and energy. Both could use a little attention. The other is a Chinese herbal pill that she recommends for (ahem) digestion, to ward off the side effects of oxycontin, post surgery. I’ve put those away for later.

So I have all my pills at home and I feel like a reluctant junky. But now that I’m six weeks away form surgery, I have to buckle the  f*ck up. That means taking my tamoxifen & mushroom pills on a daily basis. No more screwing around.

Mushroom Delight
Save These For Later
Yesterday I got up and had a coffee. Then I popped a tamoxifen. And as per my masseuse, I took two of my energizing mushroom pills. And then I put on my glasses to read the ingredients, only to find that I’d actually taken a couple of the Chinese herbal (anti-constipation pills), by a mistake. Meanwhile, the mushroom delights were in the closet.

Damn. Popping pills is tricky business. I fretted briefly about my pill combination and thought ‘What would Keef do?’.  Obvious. The Happy Pills! I need to stay relaxed and focused.

After all, I’m in training for a big surgery. And to quote from the Rolling Stone’s song Happy. – ‘I never blew a second chance’

Happy. Happy. Tra-la-la.

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